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Join us for ‘Bin British Gas: Put Power in Public Hands!

Join Fuel Poverty Action for a creative protest against poverty profiteers British Gas at their Annual General Meeting!

10 reasons the energy system isn’t working for us

10 reasons the energy system isn’t working for us (or 10 reasons why we need affordable, clean and fair energy now)

As British Gas owners annouce their profits, we announce that we will be targetting the British Gas AGM

Centrica, owners of British Gas, today revealed their profits had dipped slightly to £2.7bn. British Gas profits from their customers was announced to be £571,000,000 – that’s £571m of pure profit made at a time when over 10,000 people died last winter from cold homes, when 20% of households are in debt to their supplier, … Continue reading

Our statement on Ed Davey’s warning to the Big Six today

Ed Davey’s letter to Ofgem raises important points on reduction of energy demand, insulation and a call to the big energy companies in the country to stop profiteering as much as they do and to realize that demand will have to drop. But is it realistic to ask companies that exist to make high profits … Continue reading

David Cameron, we won’t let you frack our future

Today, David Cameron will announce that his government is ‘going all out for shale’ gas (also known as fracking), despite local opposition, environmental and health risks and leading voices from inside the fracking industry indicating that fracking will not bring down the bills. Even Lord Browne, the former BP boss who is now chairman of … Continue reading

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