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Stop the Great Fuel Robbery weekend of action, February 15-18


A UK-wide weekend of fuel bill assemblies and action

When? Friday 15th – Monday 18th February. 

Where? Across the UK! Find out what’s already planned here and get organising in your own area!

Mass fuel bill assembly at the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Info here

Join and share the Facebook event. Click here


Call out for Stop the Great Fuel Robbery below.

Find out where fuel bill assemblies and actions are taking place. Click here. 

Download our Stop the Great Fuel Robbery organising toolkit. Click here.

Get clued up on the escalating fuel poverty crisis. Click here.

Interested in why we think fuel bill assemblies are a powerful tactic? Read more here.

Want to know how to organise a fuel bill assembly in your area? Read our step-by-step guide here.



In the UK, over one in four households struggle with the impossible choice between heating and eating in the winter. Meanwhile, the Big Six energy companies – British Gas (Centrica), EDF, E.On, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE – continue to raise our bills and rake in super-profits from a price fixed energy market rigged in their favour.

At the same time, the government is cutting vital fuel poverty lifelines and plotting to increase our dependence on dirty and expensive gas power. The ‘dash for gas’ will push up our fuel bills even further, as well as contribute to rising food prices and disastrous weather through climate change.



On Friday 15th – Monday 18th February, we’re calling for a long weekend of fuel bill assemblies and action in towns and cities across the country. This robbery is hitting pensioners, disabled people, single mothers, students and others on low incomes the hardest. The weekend will bring these people and their allies together to share experiences, build support networks, strengthen our movement and turn up the heat on the robbers.

Use fuel bill assemblies to…

>> Speak out about how you and people in your situation are affected by high fuel bills, prepayment meters, poor housing, low incomes, debt and cuts.

>> Discuss why bills are so high, why homes are so cold and what should be done about it.

>> Decide what we can do together, on the day and in the future.

>> Take action. Fuel bill assemblies can be used as a form of protest or direct action – you can hold your assembly in a location that gets in the way of the robbers, or you can use your assembly to plan action for later in the day or the future.

You can hold your assembly anywhere, but here are a few ideas…

>> Pay a visit to one of the robbers.…You could hold your assembly inside or outside the offices of energy companies, political parties, politicians, government departments, local councils, landlords and letting agents.

>> Busy public places…Find somewhere very visible that will attract passers-by.

>> Inside warm public buildings.…Think shopping centres, libraries, shops. Those who cannot afford to heat their homes should be allowed to get warm anywhere.

>> Inside a booked venue….You can always combine this with a protest or action afterwards.


More info and resources to come. In the meantime, get organising! 

Let us know the details of your assemblies and actions as they’re confirmed and we’ll publicise them (via the contact details below)


Visit fuelpovertyaction.org.uk  

Twitter: @FuelPovAction

Facebook: facebook.com/fuelpovertyaction

Email us at fuelpovertyaction@gmail.com 

Tel: 07586 482 157


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